Every computer user can face runtime error. It occurs due to either hardware or software problem. The run time error occurs in your system accidently. You will get all the solution about the runtime errors in our website.

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What is Runtime error:-

ImageRuntime error is the problem of hardware or softwares which protect to execute the application or program. These types of errors are very critical and dangerous for system. When they occur on the system the program or application terminates. Like other errors they do not typically comes in the system. There are three types of errors mostly named compile time error, runtime error and logical errors. If you are getting runtime error it means that something wrong with the system configuration, malicious programs injected, software is not installed successfully, less memory space, missing dll files, registry files corruption etc. Problems related to hardware or software. Some of the runtime errors are as, runtime error r6034, r6025, runtime error 11(Divide by zero), 217, 70 etc.

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Causes of runtime error:-

Since runtime errors occurs in the system due to hardware or software problems so it has so many causes. Some causes of runtime error are given as-

arrow Missing configuration:- It is compulsory to well configured system to run any application or program otherwise it will produce runtime error.
arrow Missing dll file:- Dll file is one of the most important file which store the information of some other file. If dll file is corrupt or moved from the default location then it will also became a problem for you and gives the runtime error when you execute the program.
arrow Software is not successfully installed:- Sometime during installing the software user don’t care on the messages that what they are and skip them. When he/she install the softwares then it is not properly installed and the program or application is not supported.
arrow Less memory space:- If your system memory (Ram) is not compatible to run the application you have installed then it may be reason of runtime error.
arrow Virus or other malicious programs injection:- This is a very serious problem and cause of all type of errors including runtime also. These programs corrupt or damage the system files and delete some files also.

Harms of runtime error:-

Since it is a type of error so it is final that is will be harmful for the system. When they appear on the system during the executing or running the programs or application then they hang or terminate them and data may be lost. Sometime windows crash and system freeze.

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Fix runtime error:-

If you maintain your system in a proper way and follow the given instruction then it is sure that you can fix runtime error.

arrow Update windows :-It is one of the best processes to fix runtime error because when you update windows the latest technology and features installed in your system and drivers and other windows files also updated. Just go to the windows update service, start it and connect your system with internet and go to the Microsoft official site and update windows.
arrow Reinstall the software:-If the software is unsupported the programs or not successfully running on the system then go to control panel, Add and remove programs and uninstall it. When uninstallation completed then restarts the system and then reinstall with carefully.
arrow Restore the system: - It is also the best way to remove runtime error because when you restore the system it changed in the default setting so if any manual changed performed by you and giving the runtime error then you can get rid.
arrow Scan the system:-Scan the system to protect your system with an anti-virus from malicious programs. There are many types of anti-virus available in the market. Purchase one of them, install in your system and scan the whole system.
arrow Check System Memory space:-Before installing an application or software make sure that this software may be supported by the RAM or not because if your system RAM is low then it will not support the all type of software.

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